Home Health Aide

Care & Beyond Home Care LLC offers clients at home with Personalized Care and Assistance by a Home Health Aide. You or your loved one will be provided with an individualized care plan that outlines the medication therapy compliance, mobility support and AM/PM care tasks. The Care Plan will be developed with your physician’s recommendations.

Throughout the course of care by the home health aide, your physician will be kept up to date about the progress of your health. The timely reporting ensures that adjustments to your care plan can be applied as necessary.

Some of the patient care tasks for home health aides are:

  • Arrange Transportation to Doctors’ Appointments
  • Incontinent Care
  • Transportation to Family Gatherings
  • Laundry
  • Assistance with Clothing Selection and Dressing
  • Shower Assistance
  • Shopping for Groceries and Food Supplies
  • Running Errands
  • Nail Care / Skin Care
  • Assistance with Grooming and Personal Hygiene
  • Assisting the Client with Feeding / Eating
  • General Supervision of Health
  • Light Housekeeping Tasks

caregiver helping mature manCare & Beyond Home Care LLC will do the best to achieve client satisfaction in providing Home Health Aide Services to you at home. If your loved one could use some help with their health issues or daily living activities, give us a call at 978-770-9107 for a personalized care plan.

Our Mission

Care & Beyond Home Care LLC has a mission to achieve your best healthy by providing High Quality Health Care at Home at Lowered Costs for Long-Term Care brought by Licensed and Certified Professionals...